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Sunday, March 2, 2008


how sad is it that I haven't posted since Christmastime and seem to have forgotten that I even have this here little blog. Until Will reminded me. Thanks Will!

I would love to say that in the last two months that my life has somehow gotten interesting. Sadly that is not the case. Life has just gotten more hectic, though right now I have a tiny break as two of my kids are off of school right now.

Since Christmas, I've:

Gotten a job! I am now working at my kids school (I figured that if I am there as much as I am, I might as well get paid) as a lunch aid. It's three hours of on your feet, non stop fun. I really enjoy working with the kids and getting to know all 650 of them!

Gotten tired! It's hard to stay on your feet and run after kids for three hours a day on top of what I've already got going on at home. My dishes are suffering.

Lost 10 lbs! My kids did tell me that they hate it when I'm on WW because everything is lowfat. My kids are full of crap. They all had donuts yesterday, I didn't!

Have watched the entire 6 seasons of "The Wire" in a 2 week period! Oh how I miss Lem! And can't wait for the season to come back!

Booked a trip to Costa Rica! We're going in 3 months and are staying for two weeks. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Have completed half of the schools yearbook. The other half is due in 15 days.

which reminds me, I'd better get to work on that.

So tell me, what have you all done since Christmas? Well the two of you who might still be around anyway?


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