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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This sucks

Got a call this morning from son's preschool. Seems school is cancelled today. Why you ask? I have no freaking clue. It's sunny out. No snow on the ground. Go online and find out my other kids school is closed as well. Crap.

Enough of my misery. Here's my story for the day.

Last week it was heart dissection day in my oldest child's class. I volunteered my husband as there was no way I was doing this. Husband goes in and has to lead a group of four kids and one heart. They go through all the stuff and my husband is amazed at how much these kids know. He said they were like little doctors or something.

After the dissection, the teacher had the kids say what they learned. He's calling on kids and they're going "I learned that the left ventrical will inflate at a rate of 200 psi when conductivity of air is introduced" Yes that was paraphrased. Yes I know it means nothing. I didn't go remember? Yuck.

The teacher calls on my husband. What did you learn today? Here's what my husband says:
"I learned today that lamb heart tastes just like chicken"

Yeah, he's a rockstar.


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