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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Friends, Food and Fun

While we were on vacation, some new friends of ours took care of our dog and cat (oh and fish). I got them a gift card as a thanks but tonight we are also having them over for dinner. Here's the menu: for starters For the kids Main dish for color and lightness
and Which is, hands down the best pecan pie I've ever had.

Of course today I have to work field day for both girls and take the boy to swim lessons. Not really sure when I'm making everything. The dip is done so maybe I'll just load them up on booze and dip when they get here and cook and talk at the same time? It's a thought.

Nothing really going on here. Just winding down the school year here to immediately get ready for the next one (track system is weird). I'm off to start my day. Wish me luck. Hope you all have a wonderful day too.


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