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Friday, March 16, 2007

Musically happy

Rolling with the "I'm lame" thing, I was totally stoked this morning when I read an article in the OC Register about Chester Bennington. It reminded me that I needed to go to Linkin Park's website and see if there is EVER any new music gonna be coming from these boys. I joyfully noted that yes, on May 15th they will (finally) release their new album.

And I smiled. I'm kind of sentimental about LP. Weird I know.

Then, for shits and giggles I decided to check on another fave of mine - Maroon 5. Apparently May is gonna be all kinds of musical fun as their album comes out on the 22nd. Hopefully today's going to be a good day. It's certainly shaping up that way (well except for the fact that I seem to have caught a cold. And I am a miserable wench when sick apparently. I don't see it but whatever)

How's your Friday? What's going to make you happy today?

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