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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm wicked smaht

Is it truly lame that I am so very excited that I managed to upload a podcast (Kevin Smith's smodcast) onto my daughter's nano? I've never even seen iTunes and was thrilled that the sucker just popped up when I plugged the thing in.

Laurie 1 Technology 0

Take that!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm a wild child

Yesterday was my anniversary. My husband is out of town so I took the kids out for some Mexican food to celebrate. I got a margarita as a treat since I'd heard that they were really good at this place we went to.

After dinner we went to Target so I could try to replace the Air Hog plane of my son's that I lost. That was a no go but I of course got $49.59 worth of other crap. I was just proud it was under $50.

Came home, put my son to bed, told the girls to go to bed, thought I should go check out BB8 on the tivo right after I laid down for just a minute. Yep, I was asleep by 9:30 last night.

I'm such a party animal.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I should really stay away from downtown

My in-laws are here this weekend and yesterday we decided to go downtown, check out the art museum and walk around the 16th Street Mall. We parked the car and went to catch one of the free mall shuttles to the restaurant we were headed to at the end of the mall. Our bus had to stop and we had to walk because someone was shot at the 7-11 on 16th (and I truly hope the clerk is still doing ok. He was shot in the head point-blank while apparently confronting a customer who had shoplifted earlier in the day)

The last time we went downtown was when my niece and nephew were in town. That was the day the guy was killed at the capital building.

I think I've learned my lesson. Never bring out of towners to the downtown area.

Other than that, my eldest child started middle school today. I am so excited to have all three kids in school (well at least for the next month until the younger ones "track off". Hopefully it'll be a good day ;)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This is what I was doing

5 years ago today. :)

Happy, happy 5th birthday to my little man!



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Monday, August 6, 2007


does it make me a bad parent that I want to take my 9 year old and 12 year old to see a concert where the band has some of the most sex-laced lyrics around? Granted the kids have no idea what they're saying but still?

My girls really want to go to one and Maroon 5 is coming here in Oct. I LOVE me some Maroon 5 and my girls know all their songs anyway. It's just a bit odd to me as they are some serious sexual songs. It's hard being a parent.

Oh well, it's either that or take them to the Projekt Revolution tour in Sept. At least that one I could say was for my birthday ;)

Friday, August 3, 2007

I swear

if that Amber chick on BB8 doesn't get it together and not cry on one episode I'm going to have to reach through the t.v. and smack her upside her puffy-eyed face.

Everyone in that house is so annoying that it's amazing. It's sad when you're reduced to rooting for someone named "Evel Dick". Oh and wtf do they spell it evel?

Oh and note to my dog: If you ever shit on my living room carpet again, I will send you back to where you came from. The dog clink. It's not pretty. All around.

Have a fun Friday all